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Winter 2010

Project Coordinator: Rafet Arslan

Project Partner: KargART

Supporters: Underground Poetix, Aktif Kolektif, Hayalbaz Sanat, Sürrealist Eylem Türkiye, Punk-Art Kolektif

How to become a public enemy

İn the last three decades, conceptions of consensus and compromise have become the essential values of global culture-life style. As this culture based on the dialogue instead of conflict develops; tendency to docility of human existence gets deeper…

Evey alternative served in the daily life is based on “free” choices amongst intra-system role models. However, as long as human makes her/his choices within the existing mechanisms, s/he advances her/his own slavery. Then, this slavery can head towards a company as well as a church.

In the advancement of the concept of political correctness, both self and external censorship have their place in individual minds.

Every production or existence that don’t venture settling accounts with the world, civilization, human and being isolated will only strengthen the system. Thus, we have to organize our pessimism. Because organizing pessimism, in Bejaminian terms, means to banish the moral methaphor in the first place. We have to be violent, against the violence capturing everday life. We can start by remembering the fertile energy of nihilist aggression.

Liberation from the pornography produced in all aspects of life by the system will be with the a new pornography that will occur by exploding inside and transcending itself. This is the pornography politics.

The public enemy is against politics. The public enemy is agaist defiance as much as power, against the defiance that turns into a role model. Our need is a total rejection of any kind of sickness of the society. To foster new existences, new conditions and new mutations…
translated by: Michele

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